More guns, more guns, more guns.

image of assualt riflesThere’s no room for disagreement in the gun debate these days, no dissent is tolerated. It somehow makes you unpatriotic to worry about public safety or even express concern about the trend to eliminate virtually every regulation of firearms.

Read more about how North Carolina law makers would further loosen gun restrictions:

via More guns, more guns, more guns. | NC Policy Watch.


4 thoughts on “More guns, more guns, more guns.

  1. Wow, what hyperbole being used – wait — you are disagreeing with me about gun control — on the internet for everyone to see.

    Doesn’t that sort of defeat your entire premise?

    Bob S.

  2. No. We advocate the safe and responsible possession and use of firearms. For example, I don’t believe that firearms should be allowed in bars. Not saying you can’t own or use them. Just not carry them into drinking establishments.

    • There’s no room for disagreement in the gun debate these days, no dissent is tolerated

      That is the premise that is invalid. Here we are talking about what should or should not be allowed — and you say there is no room for disagreement. No dissent is tolerated — kinda hard to say that with a straight face when your entire blog is about dissenting and pushing your views in the ‘gun debate’.

      As for as firearms in bars; if I’m not going to be drinking; why shouldn’t I keep my firearm with me?
      Many times I’m out with friends, with my wife and others drink but I don’t. I find it hypocritical to say “Hey you can drive a car to a bar but don’t take a gun there” — More people are killed due to alcohol related issues than firearm related issues. More people are killed in vehicle related accidents then firearm related accidents but people still aren’t pushing to have people only walking to bars.

      If we trust people to do the right thing when driving; why shouldn’t we trust them to do the right thing when carrying?

      Bob S.

  3. I see your point. Though I don’t drink, I probably would not frequent establishments where I knew people were mixing alcohol and firearms. We have had too many incidents in Greensboro with shootings outside of bars or nightclubs. By the way, my entire blog is not devoted to firearms issues–maybe only the ones you pay attention to, but not the entire blog.

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