Social-Emotional Learning is a Must to Reduce Bullying

A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Be...

Little tolerance or empathy is given to bullies. Concerned, angry parents usually find themselves overcome by emotion. They are unable to see beyond the pain inflicted on their child to consider the offender’s background or circumstances as a possible cause of their behavior.

The parents’ mission is to protect their child and stop the bullying. They often apply pressure on schools to reprimand offending children, failing to see the ineffectiveness of punishing those who may not know any better.

For schools to be successful in addressing exclusive or bullying behavior, they must acknowledge that a lack of character education within the home affects children’s emotional competency. It’s not enough to simply tell children not to bully, point out the consequences or suspend them from school. Children must be taught how to be kind, considerate and accepting of others.

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