Five Signs of a Bully-Prone Workplace

Here are five signs that your workplace may tolerate bullying:

Values statement. If the official vision, mission and values statement of the organization declares accountability only to directors and shareholders and not to employees, customers and the community, then it is a competitive workplace focused only on the bottom line. Politics are rife and bullying is bound to occur.

Personality conflict. This euphemism describes what happens between a bully and the target when a workplace is in denial about bullying and doesn’t want to address the issue effectively. Mediation is a common solution to this problem. The worker is made to encounter the bully in a meeting and accept half the responsibility for being bullied.

Zero tolerance. This is the image-enhancement term used by workplaces where bullying is rife. They have investigation procedures that favor the management agenda and penalize the target.

Bureaucratization. This describes an organization which is neither truly empathic nor responsive. These are the most toxic workplaces because they give an illusion of safety that actually proves to be ephemeral.

High turnover, absenteeism and low staff morale. Is that why it was so easy for you to get the job? Making discreet inquiries about workplace history and being prepared to start looking for another job fairly soon are useful precautionary measures to take.

via Self-Protection in a Bully-Prone Workplace | World of Psychology.


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  1. Right – there are many signs for mobbing. Thanks for this informations mobbing is a very important theme and it shouldn’t be underestimated!

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