Guilford County Schools hold press conference in response to Connecticut shooting –

GREENSBORO — A nation is grieving after a horrific shooting spree in Connecticut that killed 20 children.

The shooting in Connecticut is a nightmare situation for parents everywhere. In Guilford County, school district representatives and the Greensboro Police Department addressed the public about the measures they have taken to keep students safe.

“While we pause and remember the victims, we are also reminded that life is fleeting and we must cherish our loved ones,” said Nora Carr of Guilford County Schools.

Now, many parents across the country are wondering if such an event could at their child’s school and what securities are in place to prevent a mass shooting. Carr said they want to reassure parents that their children are safe.

“We make every effort to keep our students safe. Security plans and measures are important and we make sure that we have those in place,” said Carr.

All schools in the district hold lock-down drills twice a year where they simulate an incident and have teachers do a run through of securing their classrooms. Cpl. D.W. Johnson of the Greensboro Police Dept., said both police and School Resource Officers receive special training to prepare for extreme situations.

“It’s a role that we go through called an active shooter where we simulate an active shooter being inside of a school or some type of a facility and we have a special formation that we have,” said Johnson.

Carr was a responder of the Columbine High School Massacre and said it was a horrific experience she will never forget; and her heart goes out to those in Connecticut.

“With my personal experience in having witness that, I’ve seen what I think in many ways some of what the worse that humanity can do,” said Carr.

Guilford County school leaders say in light of Friday’s tragic shootings, they are having all principals review their safety plans, sign-in process and make sure they have performed this semester’s lock-down drill.

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